Tuesday, 30 June 2009


Hello there!

Guess what? Now I’m back online and I’m a senior. It is such a relief because honestly, I feel like I didn’t give my best shot while being a sophomore, I’m lucky though. Thank you so much god.

So now’s holiday. No, I wouldn’t dance crazy like troy bolton does. What I would like to do is sleeping for tons of hours and maybe just maybe the sims 3!

However, my mom always wanted me to have my ears pierced. I just can’t stand needles that’s all. She said this holiday my ears have to be pierced. How scary, I haven’t got my ears pierced since forever. I don’t wanna do that. Please.

Now the legendary king of pop is dead. I hate the fact that Michael Jackson died. May he rest in peace. Moreover, he had a total more-than-ten plastic surgeries, his stomach’s full of pills and he has many injection marks on his body. Pretty scary huh?

So you see, a real person judges a man not from the outside. Just love the way you look, every single person is unique and has a different unusual style. If you have this confident and you believe in yourselves then everybody does.

Because I believe that every person is a somebody. Some of them maybe succeed and had won the crowd sympathy, and some of them who haven’t succeed yet maybe hasn’t come out from their shell, but they still have a chance to shine.

Conclusion: Just be yourself and love for the way that you are. If you don’t, then nobody does.

NEXT TOPIC PLEASE…………….ha-ha. Okay 9th grade auauuaa there will be a final exam, that scary thing decides, whether you’ll stay being a 9th grader failure or the kid who passed the exam. It is so frustrating because you’ll be forced to study real hard. I for one, is so terrified…….no matter what, I have to pass UAN.

So I think that is all peeps. Congratulations on your new grades, raise the roof. I’m so so so sorry for the late post guys, and there will be lots and lots of late posts because I won’t be online frequently, I’m terribly sorry but I have to do this for my future, high school. Sooooooooo, byeee

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