Friday, 12 June 2009

New Blog *confetti*

New blog? I have a perfect explanation for this new blog. you see, when I was online, I opened my blog. I wanted to write a new post. So when I logged in, there was a terrible mistake.

My account has been disabled. Why?! OH MY F-ING F-ING F-ING Blog account was clearly disabled. I haven’t been online for days and weeks and this is what I get? A F-ING DISABLED BLOG ACCOUNT? WTF

Therefore, there is no such thing as because it is banished by, screw you. However, the new blog is not as bad as I thought it would be. bad-ass HAHA GET IT?

So, since I’m a “newbie”, this is the warm greetings for you guys. Rock on. And for my friends, I would like you to erase my uncool supercool blog and change it to this one. And bloggers and also followers, I hope that we could get along.

Yours Truly,

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