Friday, 12 June 2009

The Adventure of Bean and Dummy

Hey there my fellow bloggers.

I am back online, back from those horrid tests. Those torturing papers, absolutely repulsive.

It is such a relief knowing the fact that the exam is over. but there are some things that made my free-day friday a complete misery.

I don’t really want to talk about it. It seems pretty unhuman, what a boobish day. And the good news is, I am willing to participate in a write-an-essay contest. An incredibly huge oppurtunity for guitar hero world tour, nintendo wii and a trip to Tokyo, Japan. There are japanese dudes out there to impress.

MAIN PROBLEM : TOPIC = SCIENCE = ME DON’T LIKEY. boy we do have a problem. It’s a big deal though. and worse, it is a worldwide competition. Which means that there are lots and lots of smart dudes which is way smarter than me and they come from various countries. so wish me a real good luck and I probably need a fresh brain on this one.

Back to reality, today’s test was humanities and social studies. It wasn’t too hard though, but there are several questions that I didn’t understand. I hope that my score would be more than 70.

Honestly, I feel furious right now. I’m going to tell you a story. So there’s a boy and a girl. Well, let’s just call him Dummy and the victim, let’s just call her Bean. Dummy, he’s a drama king. He thinks he’s all that and the fact is

Dummy is an utter idiot, he solves things with a simple lie.

Bean, she’s innocent. So remember readers, we’re on bean’s side. we don’t like dummy, we hate him okay.

Dummy, he has a girlfriend. He loves her so bad, he would die for her. Dummy, he has a connection with me. A complicated connection, the main point is, dummy and I know each other.

And there’s Bean, she’s one of my bestfriends. And it’s a funny coincidence that Dummy’s girlfriend is also, Bean’s friend. One day, Dummy’s girlfriend dumped Dummy. Well of course Dummy is as mad as a midget on a fire truck.

Several days later, dummy’s girlfriend went away across the country. Dummy was devastated, he thinks that there’s no such thing without her mighty girlfriend. So dummy’s gf cellphone number was given to Bean. Another funny coincidence, Bean knew one of dummy’s friend and they were texting a lot.

And so, dummy found out that his ex number is now Bean’s. Idk what is on his mind, but he texted bean and said that bean was truly sabotaging dummy and his friend. And it’s not true. He blamed bean for the whole reasons including his ex-girlfriend departure. And bean, she’s completely innocent she’s even doesn’t know what is dummy mumbling about.

Well I see dummy’s like a spider now. I could just punch dummy on his face for bean or probably just kill him, or let it out. What should I do as Bean’s friend? Would I rather punch dummy or let it out? What will happen next? Stay tuned on Bean and Dummy’s next episode!

Well that is all, Bye Guys!

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