Saturday, 15 August 2009


Yo, another quick post:)

So, I want to give savira’s blog a response about So Nyu Shi Dae and Super Junior.

I LOVE THEM TO DEATHHHH. Well, savira said she loves Yuri&Sunny in SNSD while in Super Junior, she got a major new crush on KyuHyun.

And me? Well I just got tons of new celeb crushes because of the suju full house reality show

HEE CHUL AND EUNHYUK ARE DAMN FUNNY. they’re always crackin me up. But for the charming type, I just looooove Lee Dong Hae and Kim Ki Bum. But unfortunately, Dong Hae was dibbed by Amay(curse you) and Kim Ki Bum, he has a perfect chemistry with Yoona from SNSD. (Just like the soeul couples, they are so similar!)

So I gave up Ki Bum for Yoona:p and for my favorite SNSD member is Yoona of course. She is too pretty and she can act, dance and sing! I watched her and the other snsd members in YouTube, I didn’t know that Yoona could be such a funny comedian either.

AND LOOK WHAT I JUST FOUND! I found Kim Ki Bum and Kim Bum in a cellphone CF while Kim So Eun and Yoona are together in the clean and clear cf!!!! AAA they are so coool. both ki bum and kim bum are so cute and both yoona and so eun are waaay too pretty I TELL YOU! THEY ARE THE MOST IRRESISTABLE COUPLES IN THE ENTIRE WORLD (ALAY MODE)

here are the images:)

Kim Ki Bum!

yoonA and Soeun<3 so cute

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