Friday, 12 June 2009

Seventh Grade


I was like, youtube-ing and then, I found this hillarious video. worth to watch!
kampung girl

and then i realized that back when I was a 7th grader, my friends and I made some kind of babu names for each other and worse, we made a friendster with the name BABU it’s humiliating. I didn’t know that we had an autism disease back then.

7C, the best class ever. even though I’m an eight grader (and I’m going to be a 9th grader AMIN), I still think that 7C is the most rocking class evahhhh. I miss those crazy days with my 7C class mates.

we had a sendal jepit fight all over the class, we cleaned up our class even though it’s not the entire class who made the mess. We enjoyed every single minute in our class. if only I could turn back time.

and when it comes to an end, it sucks. I remember my last day being a seventh grader, I wrote “I’ll be missing you 7C!” on my desk.Sav
ira and Nadya cried. we were not ready to be seperated. we wanted to stay still like those happy days. :”(

Well that’s all, folks. I am so outta words.

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