Saturday, 13 June 2009

Bean And Dummy Part II

good news peeps, there is another Bean And Dummy’s wicked adventure. last ep’s conclusion : Dummy blamed Bean for the whole reasons. In fact, Bean was not guilty


Dummy started to behave like a normal person. He doesn’t irritating Bean anymore, but still he’s just like a bunch of parasites as well. I see a peaceful sound of them. But there is “something” that makes Dummy wanted to see Bean in person.

It’s kind of awkward seeing an enemy becoming a friend, less than a week. Bean had some reasons that made her has to see Dummy, poor Bean, she had no other option. Bean feels a bit intimidated with dummy. She seems to be very clueless, I wanted to help her out

Well, what will happen next? Would they turn out as a friend or still the same furious enemy? Stay tuned for more Bean and Dummy’s :)

Okay, realities check, today’s Saturday! WHOOPIE! I don’t what to do. I’m still waiting for buying the Sims 3 though; I’m so excited I can hardly wait! So what is your plan?

okay then, bye!


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